Motherhood: wooden triptych , with decorations in decoupage and crochet , to hang on the wall or be placed on a sideboard...   IMG-20150225-WA0000   Dance : Each student lives dancing in a personal way and each develops a way to dance around her , according to her emotions , the character, physique ... that makes her unique . The purpose of this project is to tell these personal journey, emotions , successes and disappointments of the students as well as dancers are experienced and shared at the school , up to the final test of the Sage. Sharing these video on the web allows , of course , to the students to to feel protagonists , but the main purpose of this approach is to train them to look critically at themselves more consciously to correct their mistakes and then grow. The site , in the case of minors , is accessible only by password , issued directly by the school dance . Below I post a video of the older girls , who is also part of the project ...
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  Fairy: Heart asks pleasure ....first

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